What is Blogger Draft & how to use Blogger in Draft

So you are a blogger who came in search of what is blogger in draft , you are here either to know about blogger in draft mode or to use the blogger draft mode.
What is Blogger Draft

Well in this post I'm going to explain draft blogger mode in complete details including what is blogger in draft , how to use blogger in draft and how to remove or deactivate blogger draft mode.

What is Blogger Draft Mode

Well blogger draft can be said as a beta version of the blogger dashboard version which was introduced in 2007, the blogger admin panel of blogger draft is little different then that of normal blogger.

As i said blogger draft is a beta version of the Google blogger. So, blogger draft is use by blogger team to test and see new blogger feature before it is made available for normal blogger. 

If you enable or use blogger draft version you will get some extra feature , which are still under testing or just reviewed by blogger them. 

Hope by now it is clear to you what is blogger in draft . So, now let move to the next step that is how to enable blogger in draft mode.

How to Use Blogger Draft

There are two way to use blogger draft, i will explain both the method.

To use blogger draft , first you need to enable draft blogger mode . To Enable blogger draft mode , follow below process :

  1. First log in to blogger admin dashboard.
  2. Then go to to settings>User settings .
  3. Here under General menu you will see the option Use blogger Draft.
  4. Click on the Drop down menu and select Yes and save settings.
What is blogger draft how to use blogger draft

I assumed that by now you have successfully enable blogger draft and using the blogger draft mode.

If you dont want to enable blogger draft  but still want to use the draft mode advance feature, you can do that by typing draft.blogger.com in you url or address bar. Once you type draft.blogger.com , blogger will load advance version of the blogger admin panel that is blogger draft.

How to Remove or Disable Blogger Draft

Some people enable bloger draft mode but later they don't like blogger draft mode. So, here I'm showing you how to get out of blogger in draft mode or from advance blogger server.

Simple logging in and logging out will not remove blogger draft mode. 

To remove or disable blogger draft version first go to blogger settings>User settings and here select No under Use Blogger draft option.

What is blogger draft how to use blogger draft
 After that clear your browser clear cache, cookies, and sessions, and restart the browser, to remove all residual components of Draft Blogger.

while writing this article , I'm using blogger draft and in blogger draft , google blogger brought the new feature that is https for all blogspot domain including blogger custom domain. So, you can check out how to enable https on blogger custom domain.

By now i hope , i have clear everything about blogger draft like what is blogger draft , how to use blogger draft and how to remove blogger draft. Still if you have any more question or if you having any trouble with blogger draft , you can comment down below and we will try our best to help you out.


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