The mantra to make life successful and blissful is hidden in Shiva Purana


Puranas have special importance in Indian literature and one of them is ‘Shiva Purana’. This Purana is one of the major Puranas of Hinduism and describes the glory, worship and wonderful pastimes of Lord Shiva. Shiva Purana holds religious, spiritual and cultural importance.

The Shiva Purana discusses the various incarnations of Lord Shiva, his important penance periods, his wives and the birth of the child Krishna. This Purana describes Shiva’s various pastimes, victories, and classical descriptions that praise his spiritual and divine form. This Purana describes the names of Mahadev, his various forms, mantras, tantric practices, and important details of deities.

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What should we pay special attention to in order to please God?

Shiva Purana describes many stories, anecdotes and vows that engage Shiva devotees in Shiva worship. This Purana describes the worship, glory and rituals of Shiva which are important for those who worship Shiva.

The Shiva Purana contains wonderful devotional stories, description of Vaishnava and Shaiva principles, Dharma, Karma, Meditation, Yoga, and the path to liberation. This Purana guides to spiritual knowledge, psychology, culture, and the highest priorities of life.

Shiva Purana provides us a unique light which inspires us to move forward towards spiritual progress. Through reading and understanding this Purana, we can get knowledge of important qualities, powers, and worship of Lord Shiva and through that we can make our life successful and blissful.

Shiv Purana is a great book, by studying which we can get religious knowledge, culture, and non duality.


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