How to we pay special attention to in order to please God?


To keep God please, some special things should be taken care of.

Pray and meditate: Express reverence and devotion towards God. You can pray, chant, meditate, and perform remember of God with devotion.

Adherence to religious conduct: Follow religious conduct properly in your daily life. You can regularly worship, recite and participate in religious programs.

Service and charity: Service and charity is a major way to please the Lord. Serve people, help the poor, give time and support to orphanages or other social institutions.

Following good deeds: Make good deeds a part of your life. Help others, keep truth and justice, be kind and adopt other rare qualities.

Practice of purity: Live your life with purity and truth. Abstain from untruth and express honesty and justice in social, personal, and professional life.

Development of a healthy personality: To please God, make your body, mind, and soul healthy. Adopt exercise systems such as yoga, meditation, and pranayama and focus on your personal growth.

Respect for nature and environment: Respect nature and environment. Keep the environment clean, protect trees and plants, and live in harmony with nature.

All these methods will help you to please the Lord, but it is also necessary to surrender your mind, words, and deeds to the grace of the Lord.

The mantra to make life successful and blissful is hidden in Shiva Purana


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